Benchmark dac and AntelopeAudio Isochrone OCX Digi

Does anyone have any experience with this set up? Thinking of getting one for between my squeezebox and Benchmark.
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I think you mean Isochrone DA, the Benchmarks do not have word clock in. I would try am M2Tech HiFace first, eliminating the squeeze box.
I do mean the OCX. I believe it will clock on spidf in & out-read it on computeraudiophile. Not looking to chuck the squeezebox. I have a Benchmark and understand it does not have a clock input.
What is it you would hope to achieve by doing this? The Benchmark is largely jitter immune, reducing jitter to levels close to analyzer limits. See Stereophile's actual measurements, for what they are worth given the difficulty of measuring jitter.
Kristian, I don't think the clock would effect the jitter, rather stabalize the clocks timing. I read that adding the antelope to the benchmark is equivilent to a $5,000 dac. I'm trying to et better sound from the benchmark. Jitter isn't a problem with the benchmark.
But, what you're saying makes no sense. If jitter isn't a problem with the Benchmark (I have one), then it wouldn't do anything to "stabilize" the clock's timing. Stabilizing the clock's timing would, by your argument, reduce instability, increase clock precision, and reduce jitter. But, who has measured clock instability on the Benchmark? What is clock instability? Did you know the Benchmark deals with jitter by upsampling everything that comes in?

What is a $5K dac? Does an over priced and poorly engineered $5K dac sound better than a good $1K DAC? Remember, good audio engineering is no more expensive than bad, and the parts for any dac are less than $100.

In matched-level blind testing, your Benchmark is as good as anything, and better than many.
The external clock cannot improve the jitter of the internal clocks; it locks them to the same reference frequency.

See Alex' post in digital-esoteric clocks.