Benchmark DAC 2 in standby mode

According to its manual, the lights on the Benchmark DAC 2 in standby mode should flash for only 5 minutes before going off. There's an online review which says the same thing. But on my unit, they keep blinking for hours and hours. I'm wondering - is this normal? Do any others here have the same experience?

PS I've emailed Benchmark and their sales staff replied saying their unit does the same. Am still waiting for further clarification.
Hi John, thanks and yes, I've been communicating with Rory (sales manager). He said his unit works the same as mine but isn't sure if this means both our units are faulty, so he's asked their tech guys to look into it and will get back to me.

Problem is, it's now been almost 3 weeks and I'm still no wiser.

On another forum, two Benchmark DAC 2 owners replied to me saying their units work as described in the manual and have advised me to get mine replaced.

Anyway, thanks again.
Quick update for those interested in this topic - if the HT (high throughout) is engaged on the DAC 2, then the unit will not switch off after 5 mins when placed in standby mode. Instead the lights will continue to flash indefinitely.
hi, how many hs need dac 2 for break ?
i have mine and the sound It is worse than the last (hdr-1)
I really enjoy my dac I've own....albeit...I'm on a limited budget.
DAC 1-PRE and HDR is exactly the same sound ?