Benchmark Dac 1usb in syergi with what integrated


looking at this forum, there ought to be someone who has a idea of a integrated amp that fits the dac 1?
I do not intend to use the dac to drive a power amp. I would like an integrated amp, that pulls off more weight and body, PRAT, and total mindbending control of a 8 ohm 88db speaker. Minimum 110-150W in 8ohm load.
Ideas are very welcome;)
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I am not trying to talk you out of it but I think it is a misconception that an
integrated will give you more weight and body than driving power amp
directly from a DAC-1. DAC-1 has a very powerful output stage. I suggest
you give it a try before making a decision.

Integrated amps are nice but the selections are rather limited.