Benchmark DAC-1 Pre vs Parasound JC-2

Please forgive the repeated posts about the Benchmark. I am trying to decide between the above two from a preamp point of view. While reviews would seem to favor the JC2, it seems that the Benchmark circuit is so simple that the chance of introducing sonic anomalies should be low.

I will only have one source (Sony SCD-XA5400ES) and it would be interesting using the Benchmark as both a linestage with balanced ICs and using it as a DAC.

Has anyone had the chance to do a comparo?

The Benchmark only has single ended (rca) ins, both rca and xlr out if that makes a difference to you. FWIW, my DAC1 HDR sounds better straight into an amp than it does using the HT bypass (volume only) on my Halo C2.
I don't have the Parasound but I used the HDR analog in for my Sony DVP-S9000ES SACD playback and digital in for regular CD. The Benchmark preamp functions sound great thru XLR outs.

Could anyone recommend either the Benchmark or the Parasound for a rack mountable preamplifier for PC based music, PC applications and HD television in a rack mountable, all day every day environment?

Any other workhorse, rack mountable preamps out there, either new or used?