Benchmark dac-1 owners... digital cable favorites?

I'm a little late to the Benchmark dac-1 discovery game. I've had my dac-1 a few days and it sounds excellent! I'm using the Ridge Street Audio Poiema!! digital 1 m. that Robert installed a BNC connector onto. The cable is still breaking/settling-in but it is becoming less and less "there". I thought at first his cable was tremendously revealing but a bit forward and bright... as most unbroken silver can be... but within 2 days this has changed/is changing dramatically. It is vanishing, like I've never heard a cable do. It is very hard to describe. But all I can say it is losing any and all offense and leaving me astonished at the imagination and power of the music and the musicians. Full presence (if on the recording), clear, powerful, grainless like I've never heard.

OK, whew! this wasn't meant to be a review. I'm just shocked a bit by what I'm hearing.

I'm really interested to hear what others here have used/are using with there Benchmark dac-1.

Are there no other benchmark dac-1 users here. Helloooo.
Somehow didn't see your post. I'm using the Kimber Illuminations D-60, which I already had but sent back to Kimber to get a BNC on one end for the Benchmark. Oustanding cable, blows away my Aural Symphonics Digital Standard in every respect. John Marks recommended, and others have used, the excellent DH Labs D-75. Others have used the Stereovox, but I believe you would have to use an BNC / RCA adapter if you have only RCA's on the transport. I don't want to use an adapter. There are some posts on Audioasylum on this, and other items, relating to the Benchmark. I am constantly amazed at this unit!