Benchmark DAC-1 on a Sony DVP S9000ES??

Would adding a DAC-1 to my Sony DVP-S9000ES give me a much improved redbook sound while still giving me SACD & DVD capability on the Sony outputs? I know I can order one and find out myself, but I was hoping this was already tried and could get some opinions.

The 9000ES already has fairly decent redbook performance, so in your system you should probably test the DAC1 and see if it makes an appreciable enough difference for you to justify dropping another $G into your system.
i did not like the sound of redbook cd playback on any sony player i auditioned a few years ago (9000es, scd1, and 777es). i thought they were built like a tank and the sacd playback was excellent. i have been using different external dac units with my 9000es ever since it was purchased. huge difference in redbook sound with an external dac.
I owned the Sony SCD-777ES player for a few years. My old Meridian 508.24 was slightly better at redbook play back. I also tried a bunch of DACs with the Sony, Electrocompaniet, Audio Logic, Benchmark, Musical Fidelity, Chord 64 and Birdland. For $1000 the Electrocompaniet was real nice. I thought the Audio Logic was better and the Chord 64 better then the stock tubed Audio Logic. Each of these DACs was an improvement over the stock Sony. You will also need a good digital cable like the AZ MC-2 or Audience for starters and then you'll have to move up from there. Another option is to have the Sony modified.

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Bigkidz can you direct me to some info on the Chord 64. I've never heard of it? I googled it and didn't see anything about a DAC
Chord DAC Info

Chord Website

Don't forget the Audio Logic DAC as it is a tube unit so a few good NOS tubes could be the ticket.

Also I think tubed technologies uses the same 64 bit DAC as the chord but it also is a tubed unit.
I found the stock 9000ES to be a bit harsh on the highs. The DAC-1 would likely improve upon this. However, the stock 9000ES does not make a great Transport.

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Have a DVP S9000ES and on RB it is easily surpassed by a twelve year old PS Audio Ultralink 2.
If I were you I will be considering a mod for your
Sony DVP9000es, Modwright did mine,and this player
is so musical.
You might want to be careful about that. I have a DAC-1, which I found had significant problems with SACD players. I had Benchmark on the phone with me trying to figure it out and, at least at all the settings I tried, the Benchmark gave error messages with all the SACD players, and the message only disappeared with a non-SACD player.
As a Chord DAC-64-owner, I have compared it to the Benchmark. The Chord clearly is better, especially in the bass area. However, at 3100 dollars, it should be better. If you can find a used DAC64, it would certainly get your system to another level - unless you want to use the Dac as a preamp, too, which you can do only with the Benchmark or the Grace M902, not with the Chord.
Thanks for the link Bigkidz!
i was using a cal audio tube dac with my 9000es for a couple of years. it made a big difference in redbook playback. harshness was gone and it was just more full sounding. (i also did some tube rolling to tailor the sound). i recently demo'd a new manley dac which was nice but had some annoying clicking each time it read the disc. after trying out a few more dacs, i ended up buying an older audio research dac that cost $3500 when new. big improvement over the other dacs i demo'd. i liked this dac over some of the newer 24/192 dacs that i listened to.