Benchmark Dac-1 into Naim Nait 5i?

Hi all,

I'm finally getting around to a new source for my Naim Nait 5i/Linn Ninka combination. I've been thinking about a Naim CD5i-2 or CD5X. While searching for a good second hand candidate my mind has been wandering to the Benchmark Dac-1.

Anyone have any experience with the Dac-1 into Naim electronics? I'm wondering if the Dac-1 detail and accuracy would mix well with the Naims properties....Prat and all.

The Wyred 4 sound DAC2 would work really well with Naim - very dynamic and
lively DAC. Having heard both, I think the Wyred is a bit better than the
Benchmark in terms of resolution, extension, bass control, and dynamics.
For $1k, you've got to hear the Rega DAC. Excellent pairing with the Nait 5i too.

If you're going to get hung up on asynch and high-res through USB, then you might pass on it.

It's non-oversampling and non-upsampling. It does high-res, it just doesn't change the incoming rate. Basically, it leaves the signal alone. Can't recommend the Rega DAC highly enough. If you have a Nait, it's a must hear piece IMO.
I've heard tried using the DAC1 with a NAP150 without preamp - the sound was a bit too upfront and aggressive for my tastes.
To my ears, the DAC1 sounds a bit bleached and sterile. Not as much as some people would lead me to believe, but enough to say so. System synergy and room setup can make or break it, just like anything else.