Benchmar DAC-1 as pre vs Bottlehead Foreplay II

Hi all! Currently I am using my Benchmark as a preamplifier to feed two monoblocks Rotel RB-1091 and I like what I hear. My soucers are a Shanling SCD-T200 and a Primare CD21. However I wonder if I would get better results by adding a Bottlehead Foreplay II (with better caps and a stepped volume control) as a preamplifier. Any bottlehead and Benchmark users that can shed some light in this regard? Thanks in advance four your comments!
Having once owned a DAC-1, I believe it benefits meaningfully from a proper preamp. Whether the Bottlehead Foreplay is the specific preamp that checks the right boxes for you, I couldn't say.
It will likely be a step down in purity, clarity and transparency despite the tubes in the Foreplay. The upside of a Foreplay will be that the tubes will bring out the 3d aspect of your system and with good tweaking can sound pretty darn clean and halographic as well. The Benchmark should sound fairly neutral otherwise in this set up
I`d personally try the upgraded(caps and VC) Foreplay.I believe it is better than the DAC`s preamp section and will provide fuller tone, body and more relistic sound in your system.You should`nt lose transparency, just less thin and lean sound.
Thank you all for your respones. As I understand the pre section of the Benchmark is inferior to the Foreplay II. Am I correct?