Ben Harper help...

Capitol Vaults has just released quite a few, (if not all) of the Ben Harper discography. Where do I start? I have heard of him, but never "heard" anything he did until a song on the radio a few months ago. I was very surprised when the DJ said it was Ben Harper. Of course now I can't find what song it was. I think I have listened to the first 30 seconds, (samples) of every frickin' song he has done, but still don't reconise it.

So, please help me on my journey to Harperland. What albums would give me a good taste of his music?

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The will to live & Fight for your mind are my favorites...
Ditto on Cpk's response. Fight For Your Mind is my favorite of the two listed above.
before you buy ,go to youtube and search for ben harper music. It will allow you to hear much of his music and then you can purchase cd's with the songs you like . One of my favs is" With my own two hands". His slide guitar is also very good..ex. "God fearing man".
Hope this helps,
I know how cliche and trendy it is to not like anything from an artist after there first album or two, but I can honestly, only listen to "Fight for Your Mind" it is different from all his other stuff. For the record, I like Led Zeppelin 1 too.
Never heard his whole catalogue but I dug his "Will To Live" CD as it in allmusic guide it had a a grittier (I think slightly reggae) funk groove to it.Check it out and others at where you can listen t sample clips of each.
I prefer his live performances to his studio work. There are a number of soundboard quality and FM sourced bootlegs available. I like his mid-90's shows best.
I concur with most of the other posts on this subject. I love fight for your mind. there are many great songs on this cd. I have listened to many of his other albums and only have about another 8-10 tracks on my ipod. I would say the diamonds cd would be the most overrated.