Belt vs. string

Hi all,
I seem to see a lot of TT motors using string, while others use rubber belts, and still others use VCR tape! My questions is, are they interchangeable? I mean, my clearaudio emotion uses a rubber belt, but would I be able to also use string, or fishing line or whatever?
I suppose I could just try it, but I wonder if anyone has tried both...I am mostly wondering because replacements are ~40$ or something...string is near free...
I haven't tried it yet but another A'goner told me of using carpet thread maybe? I have it in an e-mail at home but basically it's more stable than belts because it won't stretch as much. I have a Scout.
FYI...I believe the A'goner who gave me the string/carpet thread recommendation was either dgarretson or stehno.
I tried dental floss. It is cheap to make but its tension changes after around 2 weeks and needs to be replaced periodically. These days I use leader tape used in those 1/4" reel-to-reel tapes. This is a formula a friend arrived at after trying many alternatives on his TNT V.

Leader tapes are stronger than normal 1/4" tapes, about the same width as rubber belts. I have been using one on the Micro Seiki RX-5000 which has a very heavy platter. The tape worked very well and has been quite stable.

Search Ebay for "leader tape" and "splicing tape". It cost less than $20 combined and will have enough material to last a lifetime. You do need a bit practice to splice the tape into a proper loop though.
Byron, on your Clearaudio emotion it will be tough to get the tension right for a string as you can't move the motor around as far as I remember. Or is there a way to adjust the tension on the Emotion?
Dear Mantisory: I use on all my TTs cotton thread with excellent performance. Now, the best is to ask Clearaudio specially if like Restock posted your TT motor is fixed or you can't adjust the thread tension.

Regards and enjoy the music.
this is true actually...the motor is loosely coupled to the turntable and can be moved maybe about 2mm in any direction if yu take of the little o-ring (which is suggested by many anyway).
So I am not sure if I would be able to get it right unless I was able to get it right off the bat to begin with.
I am just wondering if there would be any discernable difference...
thanks everyone
I just changed my Superscoutmaster from the normal belt drive to the new rim drive. The results are appreciably better. I suppose that's because the belts were stretching and contracting. I suspect that if you use a more stable belt on the belt drive tables, similar improvements would result.