Belt too tight TD125

Is there any way of knowing if the belt I just recently bought for my Thorens TD 125, is possibly too tight?I'd hate to burn out my motor bearings.I bought it from a dealer on EBay for $10..The seller will back it 100% and claims (in her ad) that she has never had a return.
I have had several 125s but years ago. I now have VPIs with outboard motors, I know when one of them is too tight, the motor won't turn. As long as there is some play in the belt when you attempt to stretch it when it is in place I would think you are all right. Is the table functioning properly when you use it? How does it start up? Is there a specific reason you would think it might be too tight? Have you looked on Vinyl Engine to see if they give the diameter of the 125 belt?
The Thorens 125 now starts up fine.I was just wondering about if theres some sort of "rule of thumb"or something that indicates its a little too tight.I have read in the past that if the belts too tight it will cause the platter to spin faster than it should.And I agree,if its way too tight,it wont spin at all.Thanks,Alvan
Alvan, a genuine Thorens belt for the 125 will perform best. Try Needle Doctor, should run about $25 or so, those are the correct width and length you need for best performance.
Thanks Chris.I'll check them out.This belt may be fine.I'm just doing some homework.