Belt for TW Raven

Anyone tried belt of different material and able to improve upon the original that came with RAven?

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Try and find the threads on the holographic mylar.
Best belt is the one on the table.
Ps the wrong belt can burn out your motor.
Normally I don't chime in much on these forums,unless that is it's a topic I am intimately familiar with.Well this just so happens to be one I know.

Some time ago at the urging, I'll say of Doug Deacon (hi Doug)
I tried the holographic mylar- mine isn't actually holgraphic it is 1.5 mil thick if not 2 mil. Being a Raven owner I presume you're aware of our plight,unlike Galibier,Teres owners the capstan is 3/8" as opposed to 1/2" so I had to do some hunting as it were to find a compatible mylar replacement.

With a little direction from Doug,I was able to experiment with this mylar substitute.I didn't believe I'd readily be able to tell if it was an improvement or detriment.
To make a long story short,while some find it "better" if not great I believe Ducatirider,as well as one other Raven owner his name escapes me righ now.I wasn't so convinced.Private mail me if you'd like the whole story,also I have plenty of mylar,and splicing tape if you'd like to experiment.

From my experience the supplied belt is the BEST option.
If I might ask what is it you don't like about the current belt?

Hi Jeff.

As you stated, the motor capstan on a Raven is not designed for the 1/2" mylar used by Galibier/Redpoint/Teres tables, so you had to use 1/4" or 3/8".

Reducing the contact patch by 25% or 50% is a serious disadvantage. In this application a 1/2" mylar belt just barely resists audible slippage, and only when it's the right thickness and texture. Our setup has almost no tolerance for deviations. Reducing the contact patch with a narrower belt undoubtedly allowed increased slippage, which audibly smeared transients, softened dynamics and bass, etc.

Of the tables we've heard that use elastic belts (as opposed to inelastic mylar), the Ravens are the best at preserving transients. Unless you changed the capstan for a taller one I doubt you'd do much better than the supplied belt.