Belt for Technics turntables

Looking for information on where to purchase belts for the older Technics direct drive turntables from the 1980's. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
Try ... telephone number 800. 229-0644.
Audibleguy, I assume you mean belt drive Technics turntables, direct drive turntables don't have belts!!!! The motor directly drives the platter.
Upstateaudio is right of course, but if it is not a DD, then you could try at
Thanks to all and yes I did make a mistake it is a belt drive table. is usually cheaper than the needle doctor for the same stuff.
Let me let y'all in on a little secret- Projector-Recorder Belt Company in Whitewater, Wisconsin manufactures alot of OEM belts. They also make alot of the replacement turntable belts on the market today. I stumbled across the company 25 years ago while going to the University there. (Of course, "stumble" is the operative word as they are located a couple of blocks from the downtown bars!) Got a replacement belt for an Empire 698 there when no one else had one.