Belles150 vs Aragon8002

Two highly regarded $1500 amps, which one is better?
Better…I do not think you can use the word “better” to describe most amplifiers. I would use different. Which one is “better” or appeals to your tastes will have to be judged in your system.
In general terms:

The Belles is considered tube like, nice relaxed open mid range, bass might lack depth (compared to some), detailed but non-irritating high-end, not hugely powerful.

The Aragon is considered powerful (lots of amperage), good base control, considered “dark” by some, highs are extended and leaning toward vivid/detailed/white.

Personally the Belles is a great deal of amp for the price, it bettered a McCormack in some ways, and a Krell in some ways in my system. You will have to make your own choice, in your system
You are right, what I meant to say was, which amp do you prefer, and for what reason?

Tap, you have gave some excellent insight on these two amps. I currently have an 8002, which I am very happy with, but I am thinking about getting somethign more "tube" sounding.

I think I will perhaps use a Belles to power the HF and the Aragon to power the LF.
You also might want to consider the new Belles 350A amp (actually 250W/ch). It offers more transparency and dynamics without loosing the tube-like palpability of the 150A amp. It's not just a power thing; the 350A really sounds like a different (better) amp than the 150A. Might be hard to find a Belles dealer though, and I haven't noticed any 350A's up for sale yet. As for Aragon, it is definitely the better choice for the LF over Belles.
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