Belles research?


I purchased a Belles Research 250 amp and cannot find any info about it. This is a long shot but is there anyone out there that knows about or has this amplifier??

Greetings The Belles 250 amp is from the mid-80s Sankin Bi Poler output devices and should still pull its weight in any decent system. Just hook it up with a decent preamp and speakers like Vandersteens and report back. Best JohnnyR

Thanks Johnny, very helpful.  I’ll be hooking up to Kef LS50 speakers. I emailed David Belles and waiting hear from him. 
Hi Voodoo:
I Purchased the A100 amplifier and it’s complementary preamp in 1983, new.  I sold the amplifier about a year ago. It was still operational. I recently gave the preamp to my daughter after having the caps replaced. At the time it was a wonderful sounding preamp but I don’t think it would cut it now. I think the amp will be fine. Completely solid state! Think about having the caps replaced right away. It’s not very expensive.

((( I’ll be hooking up to Kef LS50 speakers. ))) that's nice they will play but when you are done playing and want real performance try a pair of Full range Vandersteen 2 Sig 2s with any AQ speaker cables it will bond with that amp and you will say what was I thinking.  Best JohnnyR
Absolute sound. I started my journey a few years ago, dusted off my vinyl collection from the 70’s, bought phono preamp from lounge audio and away we go. Never heard of vandersteens until now, I will find somewhere local to audition. 
David (Belles) makes wonderful sounding gear. Flies under the radar for some reason.

I was never a Belles dealer, but I’ve owned the 20A, 21A Auricap, 22A preamps and the 150A Hot Rod, 150A Reference and 350A Reference amps. I still have a 150A amp.

Have always lusted after either a pair of MB200 Monos or the MB500 Mono or Stereo amps.
I found a 150a for sale and might consider it because the 250 was delivered today broken. 😐
Greetings V sorry it arrived damaged
 the 150 A is a bit newer and also capable of superb performance. If reasonably priced I would grab it
Ask the guy selling the older unit if he can get the amp to my tech we can  get it going again.  Where are you located?
It's on the way back to the seller for a refund. There is a version 2 150 A? Do you know of any differences? Thanks!
IMHO, the 150A is a much better amp than the older 250.

The 150 came in an "A" version and a HOT ROD version in addition to just the regular 150 original issue. Try to find the "Hot Rod" version if possible. It’s a killer amp.

The 150A, (and 350A) REFERENCE amps had a version 1 and 2.  The REFERENCE series amps had about twice the voltage output than the regular versions.
Anyone here know the real measure power output of the Belles SA-30 ?

Belles rates it at 30 watts into 8 ohms and 32 amps of current.  So it is probably closer to 45-50 watts and doubles down each time.  45/8, 90/4, 180/2.  Just my guess.

I've heard one on some pretty hard to drive speakers, (Magnepan 1.7i) and although I didn't think it would work well, it did a fine job.
Got my SA-30 this week, at this moment listening to Idle Moments ( Grant Green )
Sounds wonderful and I am using the pre out on my old solid state intergraded amp! Very happy also that it is sounding great on low volume.
Looking forward getting a Supratek pre to give the Belles some quality.
The amp oases quality, but it does get quite warm, so good ventilation is paramount.
Very happy with it so far.

SWEET!  Wonderful amplifier.  All Class A amps run very hot.  IMHO, the hotter it runs, the better it will sound.

Mick makes a GREAT preamp.  Should mate very well with the SA-30.

You picked some very, very nice gear...
Thanks, hopefully I will get the Supratek later this year, I don’t change system often, the one I have is from early 2000, newest addition the Primare Dac 30 that I think came out in 2013!
After the Supratek I plan to get a better dac, maybe a Audio Mirror  Tubadour III SE.
Using mostly Roon now, so maybe a dedicated server will be on the cards later, but for now the Mac Mini is doing fine.
The plan was to go intergrated, but I have come to realize that I want tubes somewhere in my setup and the pre looks most logical place to have them.
Maybe when I am a pensioner I can look for that intergrated Class D amp ;-)

I just picked up a Belles 22a pre and 150 ref2 amp. They are waiting to be used with my LRS when they arrive in Feb. can’t wait to hear the system. Any advice on cables?

I have the Belles units powering my Omega 3xrs and speedwoofer 10s and it sounds great. Can’t wait for the LRS to arrive. I really like the Belles equipment. I understand the 21a with Auracap option is a great preamp.


Cables are VERY system dependent.  I would recommend just using what you have to see, (hear) what it sounds like, then maybe "try" something else.  Might take a few choices to get what you want.


I have owned all of the Belles tube preamps and indeed, I like the 21A Auricap the best.


GREAT gear and the REF 150A will drive the LRS speakers very nicely.  I has over 30 amps of current available, so it shouldn't have any trouble.