Belles Reference amps and Hi Fi Tuning fuses

Has anyone upgraded the fuses on their Belles reference amps (with Hi Fi tuning or other fuses)? Also, are the 8 amp slow blow fuses the standard or smaller size? Thanks very much,
Yes. I had a Belles 150A Reference amp a few years ago and did the fuse upgrade (Both line and rail). Don't remember the sizes, but you can call David Belles and he'll tell you.

These fuses make a difference, and I swap out the stock fuse for these on every piece of equipment in my system.

I haven't tried the Isoclean or other upgrades, but they are all an improvement.

I replaced only my IEC fuse with Hi-Fi fuse and it made a difference. The correct orientation really do make a difference, so after a few days put in Canon D and pay close attention to the right channel high frequency extension. It will be obvious which direction sounds better.