Belles Ref. 150 A and 150 A Hot Rod , experience?

I am exploring information and experience of the Belles Amps, primarily the New Belles Reference 150 A and/or the Belles 150 A Hot Rod. Does anyone have any listening experience and input or other info heard? Thanks
I've got a 150. ALl I use it for is an amp for my modded Design Acoutics passive sub. WOrks great for that!
I am a dealer but have sold Belles next to BAT products. The 150-Reference will go head to head with either the $6500 VK-500 or a set of $17,000 VK-150se monoblocks, it is a great mix of tube smoothness with solid state accuracy, bass detail and slam.
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Belles equipment is the sleeper of the industry. David Belles has been building near state of the art products for years. The new Reference 150 is certainly a no holds contender..Tom