Belles MB-01 Monoblocks

Has anyone considered, assessed, auditioned or purchased a set of these amplifiers? I'm consdiering these amps for my system, to replace my ML33Hs. The ML's are currently paired with SF Extremas, a combination that sounds a bit lean to me. I've recently introduced a Wadia 781i into the mix, which I love, but still find the overall presentation on the lean side. I'm hoping that by introducing a different amp, known to have "warmer" characteristic sound, would yield the more realistic presentation that I seek.

I've been told (by a dealer I trust) that the Belles would yield the sound I'm seeking. Other amps I'm considering: Pass XA160/.5, Gryphons, ML20.6.

Any opinions would be very welcome!
I think I know where your trying to go with your system. But you should consider auditioning these amps. Synergy is key. I have not auditioned the Belles but can reference my experience in using monos with two-channel stepup versus single amp.

With monos the soundstage and imaging is improved, offering better soundstage width and depth. I have a smallish room with a short wall setup and I notice the depth easily as improved. Instrument placement and layering are also more accurate, revealing the depth and texture of each instrument. Prefer instrumental music and find this to be true with percussion, guitar, and piano. While not a huge fan of vocals, vocalist have much more richness and depth. Bass performance is remarkable with low level details. Depending on the recordings my Dalis can dig a bit deeper which is not bad for a six inch woofer.
Thanks Lapierre. I've decided to give the mb-01's a try in my setup. I'll post more on my experience after they arrive and I've had some time to give them a thorough listen.