Belles 350a Reference, Classe 2200, Ayre V-5x,

All right people, get ready for a dog fight! Lets pick a winner. All three ampe are a great value for the $$$. I'm really having trouble picking one. I have Usher CP 777 speakers, Shunyata Andromeda speaker cables a Melos MA333 Reference preamp.I will value everyones in put .Just for fun Lets put in the Edge G4 in the mix.
We have no idea what your priorities are...Everything in audio is "give and take", and one piece will not fit everyone's needs. So tell us what you like and what's most important to you!
not enough info. above to render much useful feedback: I've experienced wonderful performance from an Ayre V3 (a junior to the V5) & have experienced absolutely horrible performance from the 350a.
I"ve used the 350a with good success and the Ayre V5xe. I can't say which is best because each one had it own set of strengths and weaknesses. The Ayre is about a holographic midrange and superb smoothness and neutrality. The Belles has more slam and is better dynamically while offering up a very good soundstage. The Ayre is a little light in the bottom. The Belles sounds like it might be a little bit more extended top and bottom(close call)and sounds more powerful than the Ayre. Either is a good amp. Personal preference will dictate here but I'll defer to someone else.
I have not heard the Classe so I certainly can't comment. I do doubt if it would beat out either one of these from reports I have heard.
The Classe 2200 is winning "amplifier of the year" awards in France and Germany.
I currently use an Ayre V-5xe - excellent unit (at least in my system). I miss a little bit speed, accuracy, stability and focus as well as body - thats the reason why I just bought a pair of JRDG 501 monos - MUCH better in every way (except that the v-5xe is spooky holographic and smoother). But never the less - the best stereo ss amp for the money they ask..
Bob and Bigtee, when you speak of the Belles 350a, are you talking about the 350a or the 350a reference ? These are two different amps.
I found the Classe weak with almost no bass control. I heard it with some B&Ws...803 or 804Ds. I heard the 400 monos with the 802Ds and again, no bass control.