Belles 350A Ref / Ayre V-1XE / Pass Labs X250.5

Can somebody help me contrast these amps (or possibly suggest another)? Looking to run with ATC or Harbeth monitors. So, ideally, I'll need 250 WPC. Thanks for your thoughts.
Have not heard the Belles but had the Ayre and Pass 350.5 when I had my Thiels. I preferred the Ayre. it was just a little smoother, and fuller sounding in my system. i now own Harbeths and think the Ayre amp would match well. Which Harbeths are you thinking about getting?
Try the Pass XA100.5/160.5 series if you prefer smoother & silky mids & highs. The X250.5 is more on the dynamics.
I dont think you will need the kind of power you are talking about getting to get the most out of the SHL5s.
I agree with Tom Hankins. I have my Harbeth M-40.1's powered with 125WPC Plinius SA-102 amp and the power is more than adequate.
You don't need the power for the Harbeths. But, you need a minimum of 200 WPC to power the ATCs. I've tried to run the ATCs with less than 200 WPC, and it doesn't cut it.

Either way, the more power you add, the better bass articulation and control you'll have.

Again, I'm not sure whether I'll go with the ATCs or the Harbeths. Both are wonderful speakers. One is a bit more polite and refined than the other. The other seems to do better with dynamics and has richer mids.
for the price, and match with your future system, I recommend Belles 350A. Belles is very similar to Ayre except it offers better extended and more controlled bottom end. I have had both ATC (scm35) and Harbeth Super HL5 in the past. I strongly recommend you steer away from ATC unless you are looking at their 100s or above. they are hard to drive, dark sounding, and you will eventually end up craving for more transparency/clarity at the top. Harbeth is an excellent value at it's price point. awsomely balanced, accurate midrange and easy on the load. I now have Thiel 3.7 and Belles 350A has Thiels in total control with a great sound to boot.
Gechta, I have had a Belles 350A (not Ref version) running my Unity Audio Signature 1's for the last five years. It's been wonderful, great bass control, clear and detailed, not analytical sounding but one of the "warmer" sounding solid state amps. The woofer in each speaker is a ten inch, and the 350A's very high damping factor (over 1000)controls the woofers with authority. They've run flawlessly without any problems mechanically. I had a few questions about the amp so called Belles and Dave Belles himself answered t he phone and was very helpful.--Mrmitch
I recently purchased a Belles 350 V2 after a fair amount of research. I have Snell AIII speakers and a McIntosh preamp. From top to bottom this amp is just awesome - I am a performing musician and a symphony member so consequently my audio demands are a bit high and this amp blues me away.