Belles 28a or 10a Preamps

Has anyone used either of these preamps? The 10a is fairly new and precious little has been written, so I'd really like to get some user impressions. Would be a bonus if someone has compared either of these solid state preamps to a Belles 21a or 22a.

I'm currently using a Reference 350a with a Bryston B25.

I have a Belles 28A pre amplifier. I purchased it used. The power cord and the phono plugs that came with the pre amplifier were missing so I had to purchase them. With a 50 VA power transformer and 400 000 microfarads of capacitance please be aware that the Belles needs a good power cord. The small gauge wire and the inadequate insulation and connectors of a cheap power cord will make your Belles a noisy and veiled audio machine. Take 5 Audio in Toronto made up the plugs and the power cord for me and I am very pleased. The Belles 28A came with a very good power cord from the factory. The original was pinched. Good does not mean $ 15,000, but it does mean more than $100.

I too would like to know more about the 10A preamp. If it is better than the 28A it would be a dandy. The 28A with a full phono section was a $5000 unit in its day. The 10A with all the toys is $4000 unit. The separate power supply with a phono section is a good idea. It should keep things quiet in the moving coil phono section.

The 28A was a disappointment when I first played it. The balance dial scratched and groaned when moved. I took off the units cover and applied premium contact cleaner and it has been perfect ever since. The power cable upgrade was a shocker. This 28A is now a very nice sounding full featured preamp. I am an analogue fanatic, and the phono section is a beauty. Putting a copper tubing around the AC power cord (thereby shielding it)where it ties into preamp and making sure it touches the units chassis this cuts AC power noise by a bunch. A 3 inch piece of copper tubing is all it takes.

The Belles 28A and 10A both are low gain line stages with only 7 dB of gain. With digital sources this is no problem but with the moving magnet section of my 28A it means I have to have the volume at 2-3 o'clock for enough volume for an impact. With moving coil section and its 66 dB of boost, the volume control is between 11-12 o'clock with more slam than the moving magnet section. For comparison, at an 11 o'clock volume control position with a CD, your ears would be bleeding. 9 o'clock is plenty with my 300 plus watts per channel.

I like my Belles 28A very much, but I too would like to know more about this mysterious 10A pre amplifier. Especially its phono section's performance.