belles 21a preamp

anyone have any experience with the belles 21a tube preamp, with or without the auracap upgrade?

this is my second time posting, the first did not appear, this was a couple of days ago.
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I have a 20A and LOVE it! It's paired with the 150A Hot Rod amp and produces some of the finest sound that I have heard in a long time. The "best", but very, very pleasing. VERY musical and open, width and deep soundstage.

Kevin Deal at Upscale Audio recommended a quad of the Mullard CV4003 (12AU7) and these moved the already fine preamp up a notch or two.

So, I guess I REALLY like mine and the 21A is supposed to be even better...not sure how.
I have the Auricap version of the 21A and it is a wonderful amp. The 21A actually comes with mullards, I got a new set from upscale and they are identicle to what came with the amp. I just got a set of NOS RCA's from vintage tubes, (circa 1950's) but haven't tried them yet. The amp itself is very detailed, very musical. The Dynaudio 25 can be very mildly forward by some reports, I have not heard this with my system, (posted), nor have any of my friends. I travel a bit and am always listening to other systems, chronic upgradeitis, and I always come back and prefer my system. I think the belles really brings out the best in my system and highly recommend it. The closest pairing that I liked was the VTL 5.5 and 150stereo amp. I also auditioned Classe, YBA, BAT, MacIntosh.
what was the warranty period on the belles and is it transferable? there's one (black) a little over a year old for $1500 and i know of one about to go on sale (silver) for $1600. i think it is a little newer. what's a good price for a used one? both are auracap upgrades. has anyone compared it to the wellborne labs ultrapath bp preamp?
Mine came with a 5 year warranty, contact David Belles if it is transferable. Look on the manufacturer web site for some reviews. Also, Blue Mountain Audio in Texas is a dealer for belles as well as Usher, I see you use these speakers, and might be some help. I think the Belles 21A for sale here look really good. Those seem to be very reasonable prices.
i don't know about the one for $1500, the said he bought it aug. 2005 then emails me and says its been in the box unused and only opened to look at.?????
I just bought a 14 month old Belles 350A Reference. I emailed Power modules and asked if the five year warranty was transferable and got an emial back (signed by David Belles)saying the warranty is not transferable.

Very nice preamp and David Belles supports the line excellently.
how does it compare to some of the hot tube preamps out there..modwright,sas,?
I had the non-auricap version on loan. Rolled many tubes to try and achieve a sound that I liked. Main gripe was the decay of notes was brutally cut off. Perhaps auricaps may help, but my experience tells me the transitor output stage is the culprit.
anyone else have a problem with the decay of notes with the belles? what about tonality, speed,bass?