Belles 21A feeler

I'm upgrading my modified Belles 21A with Auricaps and wanted to see if their are any interests. My mods were caried out by one of the best Audio Engineers in the field. Unit will be available in a month. Here's a list of the mods:

First up all the diodes have been replaced with top spec Cree silicone carbide diodes 600v 4amp units (8 off) The main smoothing capacitors for all main primary power supplies the 1500mic 250V with much high ripple current and lower ESR (effective series resistance) and 105 degree rating instead of 85 degrees. Panasonic The secondary supply33o mic 160v unit was replaced with a 250V 400 mic high ripple current 105 Degree Ruby-con. Both of the analogue stages power supply caps replaced with top specification Panasonics (63V 2200 mic 105dc) units, (2 off) more capacitors after the regulators Panasonic FM 35v 330 mic.

All of the signal capacitors were replaced with the up-spec'd 2.2mic 400V (original units 250v) Acuri-cap units (5 off). The main inlet IEC was replaced with high grade Furutech unit as well.

The unit has been playing for about 3 hours now, sounding a lot more fluid and musical a really nice flow to the music is coming out of the speakers.
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