Belles 21a 22a or audible illusions modus 3a

hi all i have a belles hot rod 150a vandersteen 2ce sig II audioquest type 8 in true biwire and audio quest sidewinder intterconnects from amp to pre. old yamaha pre amp cx 830. i am replacing it soon and wondering what the audiogon world suggests for the preamp replacement. I love the hotrod 150a and want to compliment its sound so is do you guys think 21a, 22a aor the audible illusions modus 3a
I just posted my impressions a few days ago about the 21A and 22A.

While the 150A Hot Rod is a nice little amp, funds allowing, I would consider upgrading to a 150A Reference. The difference is considerable.
seriously i just got the amp like 2 weeks ago 600 brand new. . i dont think anyone could convince me to change my amp anytime soon considering the deal I got on the amp, though I am sure that there is a difference i dont think at this point the difference will be the extra money that I will have to spend even though I am sure I could get 900 for the amp i am quite happy with it for the time being, i am looking more for a preamp.
I've owned the 21a and the M3a. Both are very good. The Belles has remote which is nice. The M3A sounds a bit darker.

what about the Audible illusions Modulus IIB