Belles 20A Phono Stage

Does anyone have any opinions/experience with the Belles 20A Phono Stage Preamp?
This is a sleeper of a phono stage, I carried BAT as an equipment line and would equate it to something as highly regarded as the VK-P10, although not the se version. You need to be able to provide cartridge impedence as that is factory set. You can spend a lot more money and not get a better unit.
Thanks Holygrailaudio:
I bought a demo before my post based on Belles general reputation and on 1 review. Evidentally, that is the only review in the known universe :)
I got the unit for the MM cartridge (60db of gain) and it was a bit too sensitive for my Benz-Micro Glider(1mv)...turning preamp volume to ~8:00 gave me more than enough volume. So I switched cartridges and am now using my AT OC9 (.04mv). The unit sounds fine but I wish there was a way for the user to adjust the gain, say to about 50db. Am handy with a soldering iron, but wouldn't know what to do.
Anyway, glad to hear that it has a good reputation.