Belles 150A Hot Rod with Audible Illusions preamp

Considering to add a solid state amp to my system. I was wondering if any Audiogon members have used an Audible Illusions preamp with the recently discontinued Belles 150A Hot Rod amp? I've only "read" that this is a nice combination. I've gone through older postings but could not find any comments. I'm using Vandersteen 2ce sig 2's with a updated Audible Illusions 3B preamp. I like tubes but always wanted to try a more powerful soild state amp.
I have an Audible Illusions L1 preamp and Vandersteen 2ce sig 2's and drove them with a McCormack DNA-0.5 for years. The Audible Illusions/McCormack combination works great.

BTW, what tubes do you have in your M3B?

The M3B comes with the 6H23eb tubes. They are not cheap and a very good match for long life. I've only read great things about the now discontinued DNA-0.5 and that Richard Vandersteen used McCormack in his system set-ups years ago...Also nice to read that McCormack does mods to his older amps as the DNA-0.5. What amp are you currenty using now?? The DNA-0.5 has been on my list as well. Just wanted to hear more from the Belles owners as read this match is good. I see more older McCormack amps for sale on Audiogone vrs Belles.
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I'm currently running a McCormack DNA-1 revA. Kris Jeter at SMC Audio recently updated it and the latest mods really improved the amp. I've never heard any of the Belles amps but have heard really good things about the 350A reference.
I am not sure what your budget is - but the upgrade path for Mccormack is a good option. However it can be pretty pricey - up to 3K or so depending on what level -
Silver = ~$800
Gold = ~$1400
Platinum = could be over an additional 2-3K depending on what you can get.

So to me if your deciding between the two, cost would play into it. I am not sure what the going rate is for the older DNA amps as opposed to the Belles 150A.
I don't think you could go wrong with either. But in this industry/hobby it is disconcerting to spend so much for a component only to find one that is 1/3 less cost that outperforms it or comes so close it is really not noticeable.
Will need to do your homework on a potential 5K plus mccormack/upgrade investment over a 350A belles reference purchases at around 2K.
Thank you all for responding to this post. Have yet to hear from any Belles owners?
I have a 150A Hot Rod, which I unfortunately blew up by changing interconnects with power on. I spoke to Belles and they will fix it if I ship it in.

It is a wonderful, musical amp, punching way above its price range.Excellent low end, very smooth, not the amp for you if you are a speed & detail freak. I used it with a SS C-J PF-R preamp and its sounded grand driving various monitor speakers, some of which, like the little Spendors, work best with a good amount of power.

Hope this helps.

Amplifier up-date. Picked up a 2007 Belles 150A Hot Rod in perfect condition. The matching with the Audible 3B preamp is awesome with the Vandersteen speakers. Very happy.