belles 150 reference vs six pacs

i currently have maggie 12s mated with aes six pacs. would the belles 150 reference be an upgrade? Does it mate well with maggies?
Both are excellent amplifiers. I believe the Belles would be a better match because of its' ability to deliver higher power and more current to the 12s.
I own the 150a ref. I drive Sophia 2's with it--This is not my only amp but I love so much about it. Rusn cool, my elec. bill went down a bunch----oh ya, sounds really great for the money.
I am currently looking at the 150a Reference as well. How does it compare with the other "usual suspects" in the price range (Plinius SA100 MKIII, McCormack DNA-125/225, Pass X-150 ect?)

I had a set of Sixpacs: they are great if you are looking for a tube sound. Exceptionally refined and smooth, seemed more or less tonally accurate. But, in my system, I preferred SS.