Belles 150 A vs B&K EX442

Are these in the same class. I have the Belles 150A, which I think sounds great, but I believe the B&K EX442 has more power. I'm driving Kef Model 2 speakers which require a 4 Ohm load and like power. Any opinions or suggestions would be welcome.
First off I have owned 3 of David's amps. The Hot Rod 150,the 150-a ref. and the 350-a ref. Each has its own charm and value----BUT each is quite a step above its lower priced counterpart. There is a "soft-start" 350-a ref. for 2400 in the adds now. I wouldn't part with mine for that price. The 350 is more dynamic and yes, quieter; to allow the dynamic shadings to come from a blacker background. Acquire some quality front end parts and quality speakers and hear what the 350 can do for you and your music.
My apologies if this reads like a Belles commercial.---I still have my day job.
I have a Mac C46 Preamp and I have aThe Kef Reference Series Model 2 speakers and a Primare CD31 CD Player.