Bellari with medium output cartridges?

Hello Bellari VP129 users:

Does anyone have experience using the Bellari with a high output MC, such as a Dynavector 10x5 (2.5mV), or perhaps one of the medium output (1.5mV) grado cartridges? I'm trying to establish what the low end limit is for this phono stage without sacrificing sound quality. Tech support couldn't give me a definitive answer.

Many thanks.
The Bellari has only 30 db of gain. You are going to want to stick to 5 mV output and up cartridges with that phono stage unless you want to be very frustrated.
Thanks, that's what I needed to know!
Depending on the gain of your preamp and amp, the sensitivity of your speakers, and your listening habits, you could be very satisfied with a 2mV cartridge with that amount of gain in your phono stage. That would be analogous to what I have in my system with a .5mV cart and 42dB of gain in the phono stage, and that with a 20 watt integrated amp driving 88dB sensitivity speakers. the only issues I have with my setup is a bit more noise from my tube phono stage and tube integrated with the volume pot up a bit more than I'd like and very occassionaly wanting a touch more volume. If you like listening VERY loud I would go with Hdm's advice.