Bellari VP130 Preamp with Jolida 302BRC

Newbie question here guys.

I'm just getting my system set up and I have a purchased: a
Music Hall 2.2, Bellari VP130 Preamp, and a Jolida 302BRC Amp. I noticed in the instructions that the Jolida says it already has an integrated preamp, so would I be making a mistake to attach the Bellari preamp to the Turntable then running to my Jolida? Thanks!

The Jolida 302 integrated amp does not have a phono stage built in. So you do need to use your VP130 "phono amp". A phono amp provides both amplification and RIAA equalization for vinyl playback. So your Bellari will provide those functions. Some integrated amps do have a phono stage but the 302 doesn't.
Enjoy your new system!