Bellari VP129 thoughts/experiences?

So, does anyone have an thoughts, or even better, experience on/with the Bellari VP129 tube phono stage?

Let me know what you think.

I had one that I used for a while. It's good for the money. But otherwise unremarkable in my experience. I can't really offer you much of a review beyond that because I wasn't really playing much vinyl during the time I owned it - I was in the process if getting back into vinyl - but not really there. I sold mine because I picked up a Rega Hal preamp which has a much nicer phono section. I hope this helps a little bit.
I haven't heard it myself, but the guys at my local shop say it gives the Musical Fidelity X-LPS a run for it's money (they sell both). Not as detailed, but they have absolutly no complaints for $199.

Call me impatient, but I went ahead and picked one up (it's on the way).

It may turn out to be just as Bdgregory states: unremarkable. I just need something to amplify the cart and give me line level gain (i.e. I've got no pre-amp, period).

I mean, the thing is a head-amp, it has a volume knob for line-level gain, a rumble-filter (should you need it), a mute button, and heck, it's tube driven, so I figure for $200 you really can't go wrong.

Anyhow, thanks for the comments and suggestions - I appreciate it.
I have had some very exotic phono preamps, like Vendetta, Spectral Preamps, EAR and more...

The Bellari - VERY NICE, and for $250 I assure its a joke.
You can place this with an expensive analog setup, and there is no intimidation. Slight hum but thats it.

I have been using one for a few months now. Despite reading some negative user comments (here on audiogon I think) regarding excessive noise, mine has had no such issues and seems to be good overall. I am working out some TT issues so any other comments will not be totally reliable, but on an absolute basis, it seems to lack some transparency and resolution, as well as some of the subtleties of vial reproduction compared to more expensive units out there.
Bellari acknowledge the hum on their website ( They say it is a grounding issue ( and that you should connect the turntable to the "reciever" ground.

Hehehe, now that I have said that, I just realized the my Rega doesn't have a ground!

If any of you use the bluebook feature, I was hoping that you might tell me where I could find it listed. I looked under Bellari and Rolls but niether exist.


It's not listed in Bluebook. I assume that's because Belari is actually a Pro electronics bus, not audiophile.

As for the hum problem, I had it big time. I sent it back to them twice, the second time they sent me a new one. I got it and the problem was still there. I finally rigged a jumper from the RCA ground (ie in addition to the ground post) on the Belari to my preamp ground - problem solved. Thinking about it in hind-sight, it sounds like there's something stupid wrong with the assembly.

As for price, I bought mine for $130 direct from Belari about 2 years ago. The list price at the time was $169, mine was a "b-stock". That these are selling used for over $200 is surprising to me.

Finally, when I owned mine I did not try alternative tubes. I wonder, would imagine that a good 12AT7 would really improve the sound.
I use them in systems with no issues. The manual even talks about how to correct any noise problems, but I haven't had any so it wasn't needed. I think they sound great, and you can't quibble about the price. Certainly the cheapest audiophile component I've seen.
From what I understand, the only shortcoming with the Bellari, is a slight lack of gain for some med output MC's. Tube rolling I understand greatly improves the Bellari. Just a cheap new New Sensor "Mullard" should do the trick. Mark