Bellari VP129 as a CD-Player Preamp?

This question may seem trivial to some, but I'm curious as to whether or not it's possible to use the Bellari VP129 Phono Preamp as a CD Player preamp. I'm very happy with the sound in my analog front-end, but my digital front end produces a lot of glare and harshness, and is almost unlistenable. I'd like to tone it down or eventually upgrade, but I just don't have the cash right now. Is it possible to run the CD Player into the Bellari and then out to my amps, or will this burn them up?
This is a phono stage. Anything other than a turntable will sound awful through it.
You can get a Creek OBH 12 for about the same price and it won't color the sound at all-totally passive.
If it does what it is supposed to which is increase the gain by tens of decibels I cant imagine what your amp will do with a signal that large. I have this vision of a second or two of some resembling the music you picked and then shreds or shards of paper, aluminum , ceramic, etc being blown in your general direction nevermind the crosssover melting.
Point taken.

Well my player is an NAD T532, with the T162 preamp. I've heard the NAD T532 through a passive Adcom preamp and it still sounded horrible; very unsmooth and jagged sound. I think my only solution here is to ditch the T532.
Aside from the gain difference, a phono amp will have RIAA equalization, which a pre-amp will not.
Get your hands on a used B&K pre like the 5 or 10. They are very inexpensive and sound amazing. The only downfall with B&K is quirky remotes.

The other option is an external DAC. The NAD is built very well as a transport. Have you tried any other players? See how a $200 philips, sony or jvc compare?