Bellari VP-530 mods


Purchased a Bellari VP-530 phono preamp w/USB and love it!! I specifically use this for ripping my vinyl collection to digital via the USB output. I am anal when it comes to recording every nuance of the vinyl sound so I purchased Bias Peak Pro XT recording software for my Macbook to utilize the 32-bit recording headroom and array of plugins.

Does anyone have suggestions/links to modding this preamp? I would like to try a better power adapter to start with. I've tried different 12AX7 tubes and am comfortable with the sound of the Mullard. Also, would like to replace the DAC and/or the op-amp for better gain if possible.
Opened up my VP-530 today. The ADC-to-USB is on a small, separate PCB that appears to be made by a company called Soundcorp. On the bottom of this board is the Burr-Brown PCM2901EG.

As for the Op-Amp's, there are 4 that could be potentially replaced. There's a guy that did this to the VP-129 found here