Bellari VP 129 vs B&K Phono 10

Despite the cost of the B&K being almost double that of the Bellari, I find the Bellari to be far more musical. That being said, I am a bit of a novice so I am curious if others have compared the Bellari to far more expensive phono preamps?
129 is a good value.I have thought of one with USB out for a desk rig.You might be hearing tubes for first time and want either a hybrid tube set up (in separates or integrated).Tubes actually offer a distortion (upper harmonic,pleasing one) which we like and "say is "warm" etc.

Usually you get better mids and vocals acoustic music but may not deliver as much as solid state sound with dynamics and full precision or "realization" of sound.The more you spend on either type the less "noise" is in tubes and more "warmth" in solid state.But you be a tube person who would like a hybrid integrated or a tube pre and SS amp or an all tube person.Or maybe you want to just stick with rig you've got and get 129.If you like Belarri try and compare to a Jolida phono which is $450 or $300 used.It's a great value but for entry level the Bellari is great.
I have compared this before and the quality is almost the same as the Pro-Ject Phono Box in the entry-level phono-stage market.
Thanks guys! I am going to do some research on the Jolida. My father just purchased a Gram Slee used for $650 and that thing is amazing!!!! So I will let my ears make the decision for me. The biggest drawback I heard with the B&K over the Bellari, was that the B&K just seemed "dry", it is however very precise, but just seemed to lack a little life. I am in a new house now, with a whole new room, so I am also going to compare the 2 again, and will post my humble opinion. Thanks again!
I have found the Bellari to be better than anything else I have heard in it's price range, including the Pro-Ject mentioned above. The Jolida's are supposed to be good (have not heard one) but as someone else mentioned, they are three or four times the price in the used market.
Forgot to add, please give us your impressions of the Jolida vs. the Bellari when you hear them both!
The Bellari still seems to be the most musical and best of the bunch. Pretty impressive at or near it's price range.
I have the Bellari and a Jolida JD-9. The Jolida is hands down the winner. Adjustable gain and impedence, wonderful clear detailed sound. I exchanged the EH 12AX7's that came with it to GE 5751 tubes for a mellower, midrange rich sound. Highly recommended!