Bellari SE 560 Audio Exciter

Wasn’t completely sure what sub forum to place this in but Bellari seems to be targeting turntable users with this product (although it appears to have a wider range of applications than just vinyl) so it’s landing here...
What is the general consensus about this sort of device?  Has anyone here used one of these and, if so, what kind of experience was it for you?  Would any of these sound modifying type gadgets be damaging to a tube amplifier for any reason?
Just saw a pic/description of one of these on Facebook and, not being above the occasional reverb amp, etc., during my younger days, am intrigued at the prospect of trying one out between my Music Hall MMF 5’s preamp and my PrimaLuna Prologue Classic...
Looks like another way to separate you from your money.

There isn't even a real description of what it is.

Upgrade your preamp to match your PL. Thats a real upgrade.