Bella EXtreme Audio Note DAC

Has anyone auditioned a Audio Note DAC 2.1 kit build and modded by Bela EXtreme? I understand they swap out several of the caps & resistors to Mundorfs, V-Caps, Caddocks, and etc...

How does this compare to Audio Note's factory DAC offerings? And, how does this compare to other other DACs and Players, such as the new Audio Research CD Reference 8, or dCS, or even BAT VK-D5SE?

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I have auditioned the Audio Note Dac 2.1 from Bella Extreme.
It is an excellent DAC and in the near future I plan on having one built along with the Audio Note integrated kit from Bella Extreme.

Have never heard the factory Audio Note DAC or the others that you mentioned. My only point of reference is a McIntosh MDA1000 DAC, which I own and use daily.

Bill from Bella Extreme/Response Audio is a straight shooter and takes pride in his work. His customer service level and quality of work is one of the best. Give him a call with any questions.

Bill has built custom crossovers for two pairs of Klipsch Cornwalls for me. I have never heard Cornwalls or any Klipsch heritage model sound as good as the ones Bill built. I had some custom cables built as well. I am a satisfied customer and looking forward to having an Audio Note kit system built from Bella Extreme.