bell canto evo200.0 and 4 ohm speakers ?

I have a pair of aerial 8B speakers, they are 4 ohms and need a lot of power to do their best, does anyone have opinions on how the bel canto would work with them ?
Tough question.. I would suggest you get a home audition before you buy. It would also depend on room size and how loud you listen. Also the type of music. I have the Evo coming next week. My speakers are a nominal 6 ohm but do hit 4 ohms on low bass. How flat is the impedance curve.. that will make a big difference if it is a flat 4 ohms. mike
Hello Samski, Speak to Jonathan Goldman. He is a dealer who will let you demo equiptment and give you a good price on the Evo. 1 888 561 4935. I had the Aerial 6s, and loved them. I drove them with a Krell 150 watt integrated and then a Classe 150 watt power amp. The Krell did the job, the Classe sounded better, but couldn't drive them sufficiently. They do need a lot of current to open up. I just switched to the Meadowlark Heron i, which I bought from Jonathan. I think the Aerials and the Meadowlarks are great speakers. Good luck. Bruce
I just wanted to add that some of the reviewers are using the Evo bridged in a biamp setup. I am not sure though if that really makes a difference. I did biamp my Aerials with two Classe CA151s, and still lacked punch and dynamics.
BIbloom.. it makes a difference with the Evo's. When you bridge them they are in differential mode. This lowers the noise floor even more. mike
Blbloom, I tried that number for Jonathan Goldman. It asked for a pin number??? Is the number right?
Goldman Audio Tel. number is (860) 561-1045. Good Luck.
I just wanted to let everyone know that I finally spoke to Jonathan Goldman. He is a first class guy. He offered to send me an amp to use until my evo arrived. As it turns out, he got the amp for me in two days at a fair price. The best part is, if I don't like it, I can return it for something else. I highly recommend Jonathan for any future purchases in high end audio you might have.