Belden 8402 versus Belden 1505A interconnect observations

I have been using Belden 1505A interconnects and I just bought some Belden 8402 to try. I’m in initial stages of comparison but I am finding that using 8402 throughout is making my system sound too smooth compared to the 1505A and it seems like some of the dynamics are reduced. So when I introduced just one 8402 interconnect into the chain with four 1505a interconnects it improved the tone but for the most part kept the dynamics I liked in the 1505A. Definitely a good thing. I hadn’t ever really thought of mixing interconnects before.

Then when I added a second 8402 to the system with three 1505A, it brought a further improvement, but only for certain styles of music. A song with vocals and an acoustic guitar sounded better, while a genre like rock lost some of the edge. I’d imagine this is not a unique phenomenon, that certain interconnects sound better with certain genres. It’s kind of a predicament though since I don’t want to swap cables based on which song I’m listening too. I also didn't expect to find that mixing two interconnects would sound better than keeping the chain pure with one type of cable.

On a related note can anyone that has had 8402 long term tell me how the sound will change after a longer period of use?

Components I’m using: Elac Navis powered speakers, MKS MH-DA004 DAC, Gustard U16 DDC, iFi iTube 2, Schiit Loki Mini

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