BelCanto Ref. 1000 vs. Ayre V-5xe vs. Pass X250.5

Has anyone ever done a shoot-out with these contenders ? I wonder if anyone can help to judge how good the BelCanto´s are.
Hi Frankpiet, I have been testing out the Bel Canto gear for a bit now. The Ref1000's are a great amps when comparing against other ice amps like Rowland 201 & 501 in which they don't look as good but better in many ways. I would own them over the Rowland's any day.

I have heard both of the other amps that you refer to but not in a direct head to head match, I don't believe I have too because they are both better in different ways. I would prefer them over the 1000's

I am done now with the Bel Canto so anyone wanting them, only 2 months old. A pair of Ref1000, Dac3, Pre3 already sold, contact me for more info.