BelCanto eVo2 vs Plinius SA102 vs Pass X-150

Which one would you recomend ?

My system is Theta Data Basic II/DS Pro Basic IIIa (soon to be replaced by Gen Va 20/96), Krell KRC-3 pre and Cardas Golden Referenc cables all around.
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I sold my SA102 to get the BelCanto Evo2(2)for mono. A huge step up in musicality and (irrelavant) no more heat. It is amazing what these digital tripath type amps can do- it's like going single ended tube with all the solid state bass you could want. I don't know why anyone bothers with push-pull solid state anymore? I can still see push/pull tube I guess and for sure single ended tube (oh my!) but ss/pp has been surpassed! by a mile. Mabe head bangers would still prefer Krell but who cares.