BelCanto DAC3 -Audio Research DAC7 comparisons?

I own a DAC 3 and am considering the new Audio Research DAC7. There is no way to audition the new ARC DAC so I'm wondering if anyone has heard both?

Can I ask you the comparison result or you've bought it? I am thinking of getting either DAC3 or DAC7? Do you know DAC8 and DAC3.5 are newer version?

Just for your info I just had an in home audition of the new dac3.5 VBS verses the dac three and it is no contest, the new generation wins big time, It is by far the best digital sound I have had at home. I am so confident in what I am hearing I would put the DAC3.5 vbs combo up against anything at any price, Its really that good. I have to admire john stronzers no bs approach to digital design, one of the best clocks money can buy, galvanized isolated inputs for low noise, reducing input jitter to almost immeasurable levels, pure class A output stage, and one of the most regulated power supplies in the industry. It all adds up to specs that could make sony blush, and a sound that is fantastic. well worth hearing one for yourself, happy listening, Chris
Hi Chris, I guess, you compared the upgraded DAC3VBS/VBS1 against the DAC3.5VBS?. I read in Bel Canto website that there is an upgrade that takes the DAC3VBS to DAC3.3VBS, do you know anything about it.

yes I compared a dac 3 vbs to the dac 3.5 vbs. look at my thread belcanto cd2 dac three owners for sound differences. for the upgrade you get the new dac 3.5 board, but dont get the new display or the analog inputs.
The upgrade to DAC3.3 will give you the same sound quality as the DAC3.5VB, but you won't have the new display, you won't have a set of analogue inputs, but I can't remember what happens with the USB input vs the ST Fibre input on the new DAC. There would be too many chassis changes and display change to completely upgrade from a DAC3 to DAC3.5VB, hence the DAC3.3.