Belafonte at Carnegie Hall

I had a version of this on vinyl - the Living Stereo one, # LOC-6006. It's not in pristine shape but still sounds OK. I know this one is listed as "mono" but it says Living Stereo, so is it some kind of enhanced mono?

But this weekend I saw another version at a garage sale without the Living Stereo label # LSO-6006. I think this one actually sounds better - maybe it's just a cleaner record. This is listed as the stereo version.

So, which one is supposed to be the better version and the one to keep?
The stereo version is the famous 2 record set.
I think I have both, either is great. Just listened to the mono last week. Due to two moves and a basement flood my records are now uncataloged so I can't run down and compare them.
Have several stereo LPs of this recording and the 8 LP 45s-all extremely enjoyable.
Have you tried the BMG RCA German remastered version of this recording? It beats the pants off the vinyl and it can be had for a song on Amazon...
Finding good clean original pressings without groove damage can be difficult ,however they do exist like most other vintage pressings.

For those that enjoy a wide range of music this live recording should be in your collection.

For decades this particular recording has been known to be one of the all time greats.

An alternative to any poor shape pressing.
Shortly after Classic Record's started up in business they re-issued this great performance back in 1996 and they did a fabulous job.
Ten years later Classic re-issued this performance yet again in the form of a 8 Lp single side 45 rpm box set which I have also.

Agree with Tpsonic, the 45rpm box set is sensational to listen to, however I do not care for ANY 200 gram Lps.

As good as Classic's 96 release is with side by side comparisons to the box set if you really enjoy this music hunt down the box set, you will find out a few things.

Finally, if buying multiple copies of vintage Lps to find that ONE to own is not for you, I recommend either of Classic's work. The box set re-issue easily surpassed every vintage pressing that I was able to find over the years. Schipo Yes the cd release is good as digital goes, however there is plenty missing that digital cannot reproduce.
I might add re-issues in general are dead sounding and should be avoided at all cost today, however there are few exceptions from recent past.

Fabulous performance along with a legendary recording....
You may find the copy you thought was inferior sounds better after inverting the phase. I have the stereo double LP and it definitely sounds more natural that way. I have read accounts on-lone that a good portion of this recording has inverted phase, not sure why.
Yes Sonofjim, you can try this and see, also for some cds.