BEL E88CC/6922 tubes - what can I expect?

Lately I've been tube rolling 6922s in the gain stage of my Sonic Frontiers Line 1 preamp, and considering trying the BEL E88CC/6922 from Upscale Audio.  Since Upscale doesn't provide explicit recommendations on tubes and these aren't available other places, I wanted to see if anyone has opinions on these, or maybe there are other tubes I should try?  So far have tried 
-  Svetlana (came with preamp) and these were dull, lifeless.
- Electro Harmonix gold pin - ok but kinda boring compared to others.  Currently using these in input position.
- Amperex white label - fun but a little too tubey.
- Matsushita - I really like these but also a bit too much tubiness over time.
- Mullard - favorite so far, just sound right.
- GE "smokies" - still evaluating.
FOMO is creeping in as it looks like Upscale's inventory is dwindling.  Any opinions?  Other tubes I should try?

System - Thiel 2.3s, Krell KAV amp, SF L1 pre, bel canto 3.7VB DAC, decent room treatments, always think the higher end could get better if less sibilance/reediness.

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Thanks again guys, tons of good info, much appreciated.

jjss49 yes I had found that thread, that and a couple others got me on to the tube rollin.

rushfan71 now I have another tube to add to the search list, thanks!

tomcy6, I've seen Andy's and Brent's web sites and Brent's notes have been very helpful, I will certainly call him at some point esp if I dip intot he rare/expensive tubes.
I just did a side-by-side test of the EHX, JJ, Gold Lions, the new Telefunkens and Siemens.  Siemens were by far the best at a relatively modest price.  The Gold Lions were second but were awful out of the box and needed some burn-in time.  The others were okay but nothing stood out.  
I am currently using Telefunken. Could not be happier.
Good to know!  

verdantaudio, when you say new, does that mean these are new as opposed to NOS?  aka current production?  Where did you purchase these?

For these tubes, at some point I was told normal burn-in time is 15-25 hours, do y'all agree?
new telefunken’s are a rebranded slovak-made tube, the oem maker is jj electronics which also sells the same tubes under that ’basic’ brand name

below is ’must’ reading for those new to the vacuum tube game... so you know what you are getting when you pay up for ’modern-day’ tung sols. mullards, gold lions, telefunkens and so on... not to be mistaken for old stock real deal tubes of these makes -- "what it may seem to be, it is not... "

not to say modern tubes are bad tubes, many are not... but they are not the legendary old stock tubes that put those great names on the map, not even close