Bel Cantos Users Out there, have you tried Shunyata Power Units.......?

I have a pair of Bel Canto Ref 1000's and 500's and for some reason, something could be happening between the Shunyata (Venom PS8) and the amplifiers when the amps are plugged into the PS8. Has anyone tried both these products together?
I got a loud "feedback" rumbling noise (I mean really loud) and ran across to shut the amps down.
Just wanted to know if anyone has experienced any issues with this combo.

I have looked at all other possibilities and nothing else is making much sense. Thanks

I don’t own Bel Canto but I have 3 Shunyata Hydras in my main system and it is dead quiet.   Are you sure it’s the Shunyata?  Did you disconnect the Bel Canto from the Venom PS8 and try direct to wall outlet?  That will tell you if the Shunyata is creating the problem. 
So here is the story, 

Powercord from wall straight into Shunyata PS8 and Bel Canto's into PS8 ** Problem (volume control was in mute)

Bel Canto plugged straight into the wall - Good
Bel Canto into "other" Power Conditioner - Good

Tried everything, since the PS8 is a passive unit. Just wasn't working for me. My receptacle were all rewired correctly and tested by the Electrician to ensure AC is steady for the listening room.

I do like the Shunyata line, just was not working with my main setup (tried in 2nd system in a different room and no problem) so I had to replaced it.