Bel canto vs. Classe best 2 Channel / HT amps

I have Heron i loudspeakers, and would like to build a nice dual purpose system. I would like to mono block the Heron's if I could to get the best 2 channel music I can. Here my thoughts.

1. eVo6 and mono block the front 3 channels at 350 wpc 8
ohm. Then either do eVo2 stereo at 120wpc for the surr.
Or eVo4 and mono block the surrounds to make all
channels equal at 350 wpc. I have heard heron's like
tube type amps, and that bel canto eVo's are a little
warmer amp.

2. Classe CA-150 mono blocks for the L/R fronts at 500 wpc
Classe CA-101 mono blocked for the C.C. at 350 wpc
Classe CA-101 stereo for the surrounds at around 100 wpc
Will it make a difference in HT dept. if eVo's are a digital amp, and Classe is a stereo type amp? Will the eVo's be quicker in HT, and the Classe better sounding for 2 channel, or am I making things up as I go along? Hey, what can I say I am a newbie. It's all fun :)
A couple of guys at the Apogee speaker user site I visit drive there Apogees with the Bel Canto's. They seem to be very happy with these digital amps on the somewhat hard to drive Apogees. Sorry I can't offer more help but my guess is that both Bel and Classe will have no problem with your easy to drive speakers.

I will say that the next time I change-out my amps (Krell's right now), I'm going to give a good long listen to some of the digital amps. We have one member of this forum who's opinion I trust that is driving his Maggies with the Carver Pro digital amps. These amps sell for only about $850. Another member of the Apogee forum is driving his Scintilla's with the eAR digital amps. There are many other digital amps comming to market soon also that may be very interesting.

yes, I agree Dave I think I will go with the Bel Canto amps. They sound very warm, and they are very flexible in the configuration dept. Plus they are a MN. based company, and I live in MN. Why not support the local economy. Thanks for repling to this thread.