Bel Canto SETi40 intgrtd or SET40 monos

Does anyone own; or has anyone heard either the SETi40 integrated; or the SET40 monos by Bel Canto? I have heard great things, and am considering either of these options for my first foray into the the tube amp realm...
Oops- one correction: I believe the SET40 is actually a stereo amp (not monos). Its the SET80 that is the mono. Sorry!
I used to have an Orefeo SET 40. It is a very good amp and the 845's are one of my favorite tubes. The Orfeo is a special version which is beautiful....same amp just different cosmetics. I currently use a pair of Komura SET 845 monos which are better in all areas but very hard to find and 2-3x the price. Your ultimate enjoyment of this amp will depend on speaker interface and personal preferences. Please e-mail if you have additional questions
I had a SETi40 for a short time...they are very nice amps. If you can make do with three inputs, the SETi40 is recommended over the SET 40 (even by Bel Canto). I had some problems with transformer hum and my voltage, and I didn't think it was a great match for my Merlin speakers (NOS tubes may have changed that, but I didn't bother due to the hum). I highly recommend trying one in your house, with your speakers, before purchasing.
The SETi40 I heard, had a hum that was audible from the listening position.