Bel Canto Service and Customer Support Quality

I am thinking of buying Bel Canto amp and pre-amp. I just had a terrible experience with Arcam repair and support in the US and am wondering if anyone has experience with Bel Canto repair and support services.

Thanks for any and all input.
Bel Canto's support/repair is excellent.
Bel Canto has great customer service. There are two guys I want to say their names are Mark and Matthew. They are very knowledgeable and are very good about returning calls. I highly recommend Bel Canto.
Yes, Matt is very good to deal with. They are a good group of guys. The nice thing about Bel Canto is that their products are extremely reliable, so the chances of you having to deal with support/repair is slim.
Hello Drewhl,
I owned Bel Canto amps a few years ago - their service is simply superb!
I second Matt at Bel Canto is one of the best!

Another shout out for Matt at Bel Canto. Excellent support.
Thanks everyone! Sounds like my next purchase.
A great little company. excellent products. Lovely guys too. A shout out to Michael M.