Bel Canto S500

Does anyone have and info on the new Bel Canto S500? The factory told me they were shipping to dealers any day now. He also told me the S300 was not rated for my (3ohm) Apogees.


I spoke with John (the owner) a few weeks ago. My understanding is that there will soon be a MKII version of the Ref 1000 monoblocks and new M300 and M500 monos. He did not mention any new stereo amps but the focus of our discussion was on the technical improvements of the new monos. Based on our discussion, I will be arranging a demo of the M500's as soon as they are available--which I hope is soon. John did mention that the new products will be shown at RMAF so anyone going can look for them there. I was impressed by the array of improvements wrought in the new designs. I guess so are a lot of other people because I've never seen so many pairs of Ref 1000's for sale on this site. Anyway, I hope folks will chime in with opinions once they get a chance to hear the new models. I certainly will.
Is BelCanto still using the ASP modules from B&O?