Bel Canto S300 vs Channel Islands D-100

As both of these have excellent reviews (especially numerous for the D-100) I was wondering if anyone had heard them both and what your thoughts were. I'd be running them with a pair of Alons, no preamp. Thanks.
both sound good, but history says bel canto
I have the D-200 and they sound fantastic.. I run my D-200's with a Modwright 9.0 SWL Pre Amp I can't comment on the S 300 I haven't heard them.
I have heard the D-200's and the S300 amps and both are excellent. However, the D-200's would clip when an electrical appliance would kick on in my house and I never had that happen with my Bel canto amps. I am currently running Bel Canto Ref 1000's for my front speakers, a S300 bi-amping my center channel, and another S300 powering my rear speakers. The S300 is more compact, sounds great, and never gets hot.
I am using a setup similar to that described by Gregc with 3 REF1000s up front and an S300 for the surrounds with satisfaction and without incident. In addition, while the REF1000s are nicely synergistic with some speakers (to be named), they have run everything I've tried with aplomb! (Just had to use that word.)

well, I have the s330iu and like it quite a bit. the recent stereophile review made something of the upper freq but I don't have that issue if I use a truly goo source (DAC), though it does come out if the source allows shrillness.

but I've been wondering about the CIA amps as well, and might want to audition them in my system if I can find the time. if I get around to that, I'll post here.
Digital amps are a whole different deal.Now you want to compare 2 of em,you for sure need to listen to them in your system,that is absolutely the only way and if you really want to keep some kind of perspective keep your other equip near by.
It was mentioned on other forum that Belcanto sound is closer to very good tube amp while D100/200 sound more like very good class AB SS amp. It might be due to output configuration - full bridge on S300 (Icepower)and half bridge on D100/200 (Hypex)