Bel canto Ref600 versus PS Audio M700

Anyone here has experience with these two? How they compare?
Ditto. Considering both. Anybody? One is Ncore, the other is a proprietary “gain cell.” @benjosef1 and I are both interested in any direct comparisons. Thanks much....
Actually the PS Audio is Ice Power 700 ASC with a Gain Cell input circuit. I am also very interested in opinions, as I wish to get one of these two. Which will sound best with a passive preamplifier?

Quite correct; apologies. Do hope someone can make a comparison between the two amps.
Just giving this one more try. Really, these are about the two most popular Class D amps out there, no one has heard both. I have heard the Ref600 with Wilson Sasha's and thought they were excellent. 
Well having heard the Bel Canto amps and being very impressed, along with the very positive reviews of the PS M700' I would think they sound about the same. So pick the one that suits your needs better. I do realize that to keep it at about the same cost the Bel Canto amps will be purchased used (around $3K) and the PS audio amps list for $3K.
Fwiw.... I Love the S300.... Exceeded my expectations in all ways.... The M700 should be as good or better.  Disappointed in all Class D before it... Though never tried Bel Canto's offerings. 
I've had the Bel 600 monos and they were nice, Haven't tried the PS audio. However, the Bel 600 weren't as good as the either a Luxman and simaudio Int I had. I sold the Luxman as well as the bells. I am using the Sim 340i and an amp at the moment. I will sell soon and look to go with a true power amp. I don't know which brand yet. I also use a PrimaLuna and that beats all of them. I do enjoy switching between them though, just a slight change in sound.
I liked the Class D for the low heat and instant on feature, however the sound wasn't quite there in my system. Focal speaks, steaming Tidal and a Mytek Brooklyn DAC.